The sweetness of sugar to exfoliate your face and body

The sweetness of sugar to exfoliate your face and body

An exfoliant that is so delicate,  it allows you to take care of your sensitive or dry skin! Is it a yes to silky, satiny skin?

You may have heard your mom say, "You should exfoliate your skin even if you're young" (yeah, yeah...). Then, as you enter your 30s, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles suddenly appear. Why not try regenerating your skin with a natural sugar and grapefruit scrub? It's a gentle, effective formula that improves the texture and appearance of your skin to revive your natural glow.

Cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish in one step  

Not sure which scrub to use? Look no further! You'll love the 3-in-1 formula of Chanv Face and Body Scrub. With its creamy lather, this scrub prepares your skin by gently cleansing it. Then, its sugar grains delicately dislodge each of the impurities and your dead skin. Finally, the harmonious action of each natural ingredient leaves your skin moisturized, soft, and smooth (when you're short on time, this complete treatment is just great). The cherry on the sundae? It's suitable for combination, oily, dry, and sensitive skin! 

Regular use of this exfoliator reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, pimples, dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Oh my, hello glowing complexion!

Is sugar good for your skin?  

Have you ever dreaded an exfoliating treatment? Maybe because your skin is more sensitive or dry lately? Rest assured, sugar is an incredibly gentle exfoliant for the face and body. It rubs away impurities and flakes, helps oxygenate the skin, and prepares it for other treatments. 

Very rich in glycolic acid, it does not require an abrasive process to work properly. A true natural ally for particularly sensitive skin, prone to redness and pimples. In addition, it is a very good exfoliant for lips, hands, and feet. All the reasons are good to take advantage of it to the maximum.

Exfoliate without irritating

Don't have a moisturizer on hand? Short on time? No problem, Chanv Face and Body Scrub won't let you down! Your skin will get all the moisture and protection it needs for a smooth, silky finish. No, it's not magic, it's simply Chanv Oil™. Because of its compounds close to the skin's natural lipids, the oil is quickly absorbed and forms a protective barrier on your epidermis. Unparalleled care for your skin! Even if its moisturizing effect is soothing, it is still recommended to finish with a moisturizer to protect the skin from free radicals.

The duo of essential oils for a velvet skin

The incredible combination of pink grapefruit essential oil and rosewood oil helps purify your pores and tone your skin. When combined with Chanv Oil™ the symbiosis is unparalleled. Additionally, grapefruit oil is great for oily, tired, sensitive, wrinkled, and acne-prone skin. 

Beyond its captivating scent, rosewood essential oil is distinguished by its ability to tighten skin tissue. A true anti-aging treatment, it reduces wrinkles, firms, and regenerates tissues. As a bonus, sugar scrub is an essential ingredient to fight acne and get an effective exfoliation for your face.

How do you exfoliate your skin like a pro?  

Start by moistening your face, then take a dab of Chanv Face and Body Scrub. Apply it in a single layer and use small circular motions, then rinse. It's a breeze! If your skin is more sensitive or very dry, add more water to your skin, the foam will be more abundant and the exfoliation even softer. 

The advantage of its unique composition allows you to use it up to three times a week. Yes, yes, even on sensitive skin. Knowing that the epidermis regenerates at night, we suggest you apply it in the evening to support skin renewal. Well, now it's your turn to try it for a beautiful baby skin when you wake up. 

Good for you and good for the planet

What's better than a scrub that's GMO, phthalate, paraben, animal cruelty-free, and vegan? Plus, it's safe for your health and the environment. Easy to integrate into your natural beauty routines, it will help you naturally regain your radiance! A winning solution on all levels!

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