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Applied harmony

Chanv is a new approach to cosmetic care aimed at well-being. A natural harmony between the human and the North. It is about reconnecting with our roots, anchoring ourselves in an equation between our body, the earth, and its future because the cosmetics of now (and the future) encompass our well-being and the planet.

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Why Chanv ?

  • Clean Skincare

    Clean and natural skincare with safe and transparent ingredients

  • Sustainability

    Everyday we thrive to be more sustainable

  • Safe and Secure

    All our personal info and your payments are safe en secure

  • Fast and Free shipping

    Fast and free shiping on all Canadian order of 50$+

What Media Are Saying

Here's a local product that deserve our attention.

Caroline Grégoire

These phenomenal products made in Quebec have left a good impression on everyone who has used them. I love the hand cream, not only is it made with premium ingredients, but it also smells like heaven!

Katina Goulakos

The range of products, all made here, by hand, with only natural ingredients, stands out for their moisturizing potential. Special mention to the aluminum-free Deodorant, with lemongrass and rosemary essential oils, it leaves a pleasant odor of freshness. 

Silvia Galipeau