Adopt the natural deodorant. Why and how?

Adopt the natural deodorant. Why and how?

Aluminum-free deodorants for your quest of well-being

Although these deodorants are generally a little more expensive, they are the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially when your daily routine makes you sweat! Without further ado, here are a few good reasons to ditch your old antiperspirant and discover the benefits of plants. We've also included a short tutorial to help you make the transition from artificial to natural. 

Deodorant versus antiperspirant: deo advantage!      

To begin with, there is a major difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant fights bad odors with baking soda. Some more innovative companies will even use good bacteria to achieve an optimal result. Saccharomyces are particularly effective in this regard (word of the day!). 

As for antiperspirants, they will artificially block perspiration with aluminum salts. Unfortunately, this last approach can be harmful to your health. The aluminum salts in antiperspirants make it harder for your body to eliminate toxins through sweat. It also makes it harder to regulate your body temperature. This is especially problematic if you work out on a daily basis and apply these hygiene products more than once a day. It is possible to avoid this problem (and future related problems) by opting for an aluminum-free deodorant. The options made in Quebec are even more numerous! In addition to helping your health, the few extra dollars you invest will encourage our local artisans!

A deodorant approved by Mother Nature

As their name suggests, natural deodorants are made from plants that have long proven their effectiveness. In the case of Chanv Natural Deodorant, its formula features Chanv oil™, yeast as well as bergamot.

Okay, the thousand-pound question: what the heck is Chanv oil™ ? Simply put, it's a unique vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing plant seeds. It is 100% natural and soothes underarm inflammation while allowing the other essential oils in the deodorant to act quickly on the skin. As for the yeast, it naturally feeds on the bacteria that cause bad odors. To complete this trio of shock, the essential oil of bergamot combines with yeast to fight against bad odors. Bonus: this last ingredient also has a sweet citrus smell!

Tutorial for an effective transition! 

The transition to any natural deodorant often takes a few days of adjustment. This is also the case with Chanv deodorant as it takes time for the good yeast bacteria to reach their full potential. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the transition to natural deodorant:

1- Use a natural soap on your underarms. This will make the yeast in the deodorant more effective because it won't be washed away with each cleaning.

2- You can apply the deodorant several times a day while you wait for your underarms to adjust to the transition.

3- Switch to natural deodorant during a season other than summer! Cold weather is obviously less conducive to excessive sweating.

4- Wear clothes made of natural fibers. These fibers have anti-fungal properties that help reduce odors, unlike synthetic fibers.

So now you have plenty of reasons to switch to natural deodorant. It is a choice that will promote your daily well-being. We bet that your underarm skin will also be grateful for it.

Have you noticed any benefits since switching to aluminum-free deodorants? Share your experience on our social networks!

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