5 Natural Nordic Ingredients to Discover

5 Natural Nordic Ingredients to Discover

Did you know that the northern latitudes are full of unique natural ingredients with powerful properties?

These days, they are increasingly sought after by the cosmetics and body care industries. In fact, the oils extracted from northern natural ingredients are versatile and suitable for all skin types. Briefly, like the plants that manage to root themselves from the boreal forest to the top of snow-capped mountains, passing through our majestic rivers!

Chanv oil™ transforms skin care products

After decades in the shadows, Chanv oil™ is finally getting back on track! That being said, you have to work hard to get it in its purest form. In fact, it is necessary to cold-press the seeds produced by the floral heads of the plants.

A headache you say? Oh no! The oil extracted from it is worth its weight in gold. This is especially the case because its optimal ratio of omega 3 and 6 is close to that of human epidermal sebum. This allows Chanv oil™ oil to quickly penetrate your skin in depth, leaving it soft and nourished.

When combined with other natural oils, these oils are also absorbed more effectively. In short, this Nordic ingredient is an exceptional team player that deserves a place in our bathroom cabinet!

Cedarwood oil, the smell of nature at home!

Originally from the Middle East, cedar is now a hallmark of our natural Nordic ingredients!

Without exaggeration, we can easily say that the divine smell of cedar wood oil perfectly represents Nordic essence. This conifer thrives in the boreal forest. It has also been introduced into the Nordic forests of Europe after the travels of that good old Jacques Cartier, the famous French explorer that our high school teachers loved so much.

Imagine yourself outside, the sun rays gently caressing your face, surrounded by a forest of luminous cedars... This is exactly what this oil offers, to find a naturally radiant complexion! Alternatively, enjoy its enchanting aroma by adding a few drops of cedar wood oil to your bath water. If you're convinced, you can even use it to clean your favorite gym bag!

Wild mint, is a small plant with multiple benefits

Mint, another natural ingredient from here that is quickly making its mark in the world of body care.

Hikers are probably familiar with this small plant that is abundant in our boreal forests. Its adaptability is legendary. Although it prefers moist environments, it can also grow in full sun or even on wind-exposed rock walls.

In addition to being particularly known for its good taste in teas shared with friends around a campfire, this natural ingredient can also be found in several pharmacies. According to some, wild mint essential oil would help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and, of course, give good breath!

Lichen, a must-have in cosmetics of the future?

Although not the sexiest plant in the Nordic world, lichen is a tough plant. It easily proliferates up to the Arctic Circle. In fact, some species have even shown their ability to survive in outer space during experiments conducted by astronauts.

Even with its roots firmly planted on earth, this small plant has remarkable potential for personal hygiene. In fact, recent studies suggest that lichen compounds are particularly effective in treating oral and gum walls. This plant could soon be found in our favorite toothpaste, to the delight of our dentist.

The Chaga, a Nutrient-Packed Mushroom

No, these are not rocks, but chaga in its natural state!

This mushroom takes fifth place on this list purely by chance. If it were a competition, it would easily make it to the top of the best natural ingredients! It presents as a particularly strange blackened excrescence on tree bark. That being said, don't be intimidated by its unusual appearance. You're already consuming it without knowing it.

A true champion of the northern lands, chaga is a superfood consumed in different forms. The simplest way to get it is to purchase it in powder form to add to your favorite smoothies. It will boost them with its many nutrients, which are obviously beneficial for the immune system and maintaining healthy skin.

Several cosmetic brands add chaga to their most performing products to provide the skin with the vitamins and antioxidants contained in this mushroom.


And there you have it, this little overview gives you a glimpse of the richness of our northern forests. These forests contain a myriad of other exceptional natural ingredients with the potential that can improve our daily well-being! Do you use any of these ingredients? We would be curious to discover your small tips or personalized routines.

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