Catherine St-Laurent, the glowing spokeswoman

Catherine St-Laurent, the glowing spokeswoman

It's the meeting of two stars. Actress Catherine St-Laurent has been confirmed as the official spokesperson for the Chanv brand! A collaboration that came about naturally, since Catherine and Chanv are made of the same wood. 

The actress who now appears on Quebec's prime-time television screens was born in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a picturesque and unpretentious village near Quebec City, on the banks of the river. Like Chanv, Catherine knows how to combine her ambition with her down-to-earth personality. She immediately noticed the affinity between her temperament and the one of Chanv. 

"When Dany Lefebvre, Chanv's director, approached me to discuss a potential partnership, the chemistry was immediate," she says.

Like Chanv, she understands the richness of Quebec's land. Having lived for many years outside of the major centers, she knows that Quebec is full of natural resources that deserve to be in the spotlight.

"Chanv is a Quebec-based company whose values resonate completely with my own: high-quality products, the use of local ingredients, a key ingredient with a small ecological footprint, and transparent communication with the consumer. I am happy to be able to contribute to the influence of local entrepreneurs who really deserve to be known.

Strengths from here

The key ingredient in the products - Chanv oil™ - didn't seduce Catherine just because of its moisturizing properties and the glow it gives her skin. It comes from the fields of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, and the spring water at the base of the products is drawn from Centre-du-Québec. Partnering with Chanv is a way for Catherine to stimulate the local economy and participate in the creation of many jobs for the province's growers. There is no need to go to the other side of the world. The essence is right here.

Her favorite products

Catherine has incorporated Chanv lip balm into her evening skincare routine for many years, and now applies the day cream in the morning. On a daily basis, she also explores the other 13 products. She recommends them to everyone. 

"I recommend them to everyone who wants to take care of their skin, especially during the changing seasons. We don't realize it, but our climate can have adverse effects on the skin, such as dehydration," she says. It's a good thing the products are designed specifically to protect skin from the changing conditions typical of our northern climate. 

The future is bright

For Catherine, skin care products and the world of television and film in which she operates have one thing in common: some 100% Quebec productions are exceptional and deserve to be discovered, first here, then elsewhere in the world. For Chanv, the future is bright, and the sky is the limit!

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